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October 31, 2009

Party on KRQ

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We have this radio station in town (the one I was ranting about last time) that plays Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” all the time. Now, I have to clarify that I kind of like this song. Sure, it’s a guilty pleasure but it’s kind of a fun song. My only strong objection to it is that it’s performed by Miley Cyrus. But I’ll save that for another time.

The problem that I have with this particular radio station is that they play an altered version of the song. At the beginning of the chorus, there is a line that goes “…and that Jay-Z song was on…” This line is basically the fundamental point of the whole song. The entire chorus is about listening to this song. However, when it’s played on this radio station, the line has been changed to “…and John-Jay and Rich were on…”

So the entire chorus is now about listening to a (really bad) morning show? On what planet does that even begin to make sense?

Miley, I don’t care how much airtime they give you when you call in to their morning show. Changing that line ruins the whole song. And, since that particular line is sung FOUR GAJILLION times throughout the course of the song, not only does it sound stupid, it REALLY ANNOYS ME!


October 30, 2009

Radio Rant

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I hate listening to the radio, but I do it all the time. I like listening to new music, and I’ll never get exposed to new music if I’m constantly listening to my iPhone. What I hate about it is the people. I mean the DJs, the talking heads, whatever. As soon as you start to talk, I change the station. I never want to hear what you have to say. At best, it’s stupid. At worst, it infuriates me.

For example, we have one station in town that plays Top 40 hits. Their morning show was recently voted the Best of Tucson. (I found out about this while listening to the one morning show that I actually can stand. There is one.) This particular radio station’s morning show isn’t even based in Tucson anymore – they’ve moved to Phoenix. Which explains why they never talk about the traffic report during the rest of the show. These two guys and whichever girl is currently on there are AWFUL. Absolutely horrible. They do these gimmick days where they have contests on the show, and that is basically their entire entertainment value. Like on Confession Wednesday, they have people call in and confess something to them, and the person with the most shocking confession is winner. For one thing, how can you top it week after week? And for another, WHO CARES?

They don’t talk about anything even remotely important, and like I said, they sound stupid at best. They never play music in the mornings, apparently preferring to just hear themselves talk. And sound stupid.

This same radio station puts Ryan Seacrest on in the afternoons. Really? Because that’s just what you need – MORE radio personalities with ego problems. Who also aren’t in Tucson.

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