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May 11, 2012

Like A Transformer

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I went to the eye doctor last weekend to update my prescription. I wanted to order new glasses (I’m not really liking the ones I have now) and talk to them about getting contacts for my brother’s upcoming wedding. I decided that I would prefer to not be wearing glasses in all the wedding party pictures.

I’ve tried contacts before, but I’ve never really found ones that work well for me. I’ve used the regular spherical lenses that don’t correct for my astigmatism in a pinch (like snowboarding trips, when I can’t wear glasses under my goggles). I’ve also tried the fancy (expensive) kind that do correct my astigmatism, but I didn’t like them. They dried my eyes out and gave me a headache after about 2 hours.

To be fair, I live in the desert. It’s dry here. And it was allergy season.

This year, they gave me some contacts that were a brand new kind – still Acuvue for Astigmatism, but 1-Day contacts instead of the two-week kind. That’s actually better for me anyway since I don’t usually wear contacts enough and the two-week ones would only be used twice in a few months. I put the contacts in at the doctor’s office and my vision was the clearest it’s even been with contacts. I don’t know if the type just works better with my eyes, or if my eyesight has finally shifted so that you can get contacts with the exact right prescription (that was a problem last year – my eyes were in between contact prescriptions) but I could see.

I kept them in all day, which I know you’re not supposed to do because you’re supposed to gradually increase the length of time you wear contacts to get you eyes used to them, but they weren’t uncomfortable. I’ve worn contacts every day since then. Oh, except for one day, because I woke up late and I was almost out of the samples they gave me and wanted to try to order more before I ran out and I wanted to give my eyes a break for a day.

I’ve suddenly transformed from a glasses person to a contacts person. I even like the way I look without glasses now that my hair actually looks decent instead of being thrown back in a ponytail all day. It’s strange being able to see without the glasses frames surrounding my vision, but you know what the weirdest thing about wearing contacts is?

I can see clearly in the shower now.


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