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February 27, 2012


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I stopped drinking caffeine recently. Apparently, the amount of caffeine in two shots of decaf espresso is my magic number, so I drink decaf now. (Speaking of magic numbers, does baseball season start soon?) In fact, I do way better if I get my decaf coffee than if I don’t.

So when I walk into Starbucks looking half-asleep and barely functioning (because that’s how I look in the mornings) they must think I’m crazy when I order decaf.

I order the same thing every time I go to Starbucks. Well, mostly. For a while I was ordering skinny vanilla lattes because I was trying to lose a few pounds before ordering my bridesmaid’s dress. (I still am, but it’s not going very well, and I have to order the dress this weekend.) Then I started ordering skinny caramel lattes because I decided caramel was better than vanilla. Then I switched to soy milk, which my stomach likes a lot better. Today, I didn’t bother to get a flavor in my latte, so my order was a decaf grande soy latte. 

Every day when I step up to place my order at the counter, my mind goes blank. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been standing in line, repeating my order to myself so I wouldn’t look like an idiot, or if it’s first thing in the morning and I woke up with a cold so my head feels fuzzy and I have an excuse! – it’s inevitable that when I go to place my order, I stand there for a few seconds staring at the menu on the wall, looking confused. It seems as though my brain has flown away to some distant corner of the world, laughing at me as it goes. Maybe it’s heading off toward that hole filled with all the single socks that have been lost in the dryer. 

And then when my brain returns to me and I finally place the order, the first word is “decaf”. Seriously, the Starbucks employees must think I’m losing my mind. I can hear it now: “Hey, you know that girl who comes in here all the time? The one whose name we should know because she comes in here three or four times a week, but we can never remember it? She usually stares at her iPhone while waiting for her drink? That one? Yeah, I think she’s losing her mind. She clearly needs caffeine when she comes in every day, but she always orders decaf! What’s up with that?”

Maybe I should put a sticker on my forehead – Highly Sensitive to Caffeine. The fine print could read, “But I still need decaf.” 

Oh, baseball season starts in just over a month!


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