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December 27, 2011


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I’ve been struggling with frequent headaches for a long time. I thought about it the other day, and I remember headaches in high school. That means it’s been probably 10 years that I’ve had trouble with headaches.

In the last couple of years they’ve gotten worse. My headaches aren’t debilitating like migraines (I don’t wind up crying in a ball on the floor) but they last forever. I’m serious, it’s perfectly normal for me to get a headache that doesn’t go away for weeks at a time. And then when it does go away, I get another one the next day.

I got fed up with this cycle recently when I was sitting at work feeling so awful I could barely move, let alone work, and asked a friend for the phone number of her acupuncturist. My terrible fear of needles set aside for the moment, I made an appointment for later that week. I told her I wanted to discuss my headaches and my trouble sleeping.

I’m not going to go way into detail about the appointment, because it was very long and I don’t want to be sitting here typing for that long. However, the acupuncturist recommended a few things to help take care of the sleeplessness and headaches. 

She gave me two supplements to take to help me sleep. I haven’t really needed either of them since the other changes I made.

I started drinking more water. This hasn’t been going as well as I’d hoped.

The big thing that changed was that I’ve stopped drinking caffeine. I haven’t had any caffeine in about a week and a half.

I’m sleeping better and my headaches are much less, and on a few days have been completely gone. I feel better, more alert, and I’m needing less sleep at night. I can function on 7 hours of sleep, where I have been needing about 9 recently to get through my day. I feel like I have more energy, and I’m actually able to accomplish things during my day, and even after I get home from work.

And I’m spending a lot less money at Starbucks.



  1. Interesting. Back when I had bad headaches a lot, I thought it might be related to caffeine. I gave up caffeine for a while and that’s when I discovered that my headaches were caused by my neck being messed up. I went to the chiropractor and got a new pillow, and the problem went away.

    Now I have a little bit of the problem again, but I’m way overdue for a visit to the chiropractor. I could try giving up caffeine again, but I’m pretty sure the result would be the same as last time. Since caffeine is an anti-inflamator, it does help disguise the issues caused by things like my neck needing to be adjusted.

    Comment by fitzage — December 27, 2011 @ 7:32 pm

    • Interesting. Well I haven’t noticed anything like that. Caffeine was probably just staying in my system a lot longer than I thought and messing with me.

      Comment by melomania — December 27, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

      • Yes, if it’s affecting your sleep you should probably cut it out.

        Comment by fitzage — December 27, 2011 @ 8:10 pm

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