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September 12, 2011

Meal Planning Follow-Up

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My meal planning a few weeks ago wasn’t all that effective, if I’m being perfectly honest. I made a few of the meals I had planned (although not on the days that I had planned). On the bright side, I did go to the gym as often as I had planned, although again, not on the days that I said I would.

Oh well.

So this week I’ve got to come up with some ideas that might actually work. I went back to living on bowls of cereal for a few days. That was particularly problematic because I didn’t have any milk or cereal in the house after I got back from my vacation over Labor Day weekend. I lived on eggs for a few days, actually. That’s probably better than bowls of cereal, but I digress.

I have a busy week planned for this week, and since writing is the best way for me to process all the stuff in my head, that’s what I’ll do.


Tonight’s plan is easy. I’m going to a weekly Bible study that starts tonight. I’m taking the daughter of some friends with me, which means I’m going to their house to pick her up (and eat dinner) before the study. I rely on this family a lot to feed me dinner, actually.


I’ll be going to the gym on Tuesday, so I need a meal that will be quick to prepare. I’m thinking chicken and rice is a good plan.


Pasta with sauce and diced chicken. I’ll be sure to make extra so I can take some to work in the morning.


My gym offers a cardio-kickboxing class on Thursday nights that I’ve been meaning to try. I’ll have to go straight there from work, however, which means I’ll need to make sure I bring lunch with me and eat it late, so I’m not starving when I leave work.


This is usually the day my meal plan totally falls apart because I don’t feel like cooking anything on Friday nights. Or Saturdays. Or any night really, but that’s not the point. Fridays and Saturdays are also the days that I often wind up eating out, either at a restaurant or someone’s house.

So, compromise: on either Friday or Saturday this week, I will make those creamy beef taquitos that I never got around to trying. (Side note: I’m planning to use turkey instead of beef. Because I already have turkey in the house.)

I’ll make another trip to the gym on Saturday as well. I use the weekend gym trips to swim in the pool, because I don’t feel like I have time for that on the weekdays after work.


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