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March 27, 2010

Hawaii, Day 5

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It’s a 2-for-1 day!

Yesterday we headed out to do the snorkeling that we missed out on Thursday. We stopped to rent snorkeling equipment and ask where the best place is to go. We drove up to a “beach” that turned out to be a small stretch of sand surrounded by rocks and headed out with our underwater camera and snorkeling equipment to see some fish. The sea was rougher yesterday so the underwater visibility wasn’t as good as when we went on Monday, but there were some reefs close to shore. We found some little fish and some cool rock formations. I even saw a sea turtle! Unfortunately, it was too far away to get a good picture and then it out-swam me when I tried to get closer. I tried to snap a picture but I doubt it turned out. We’ll see when we get the film developed.

It didn’t take long before we all got tired and came in. We moved up the shore to a bigger beach. Mom and Dad went for a walk and managed to throw each other in the water and came back dripping wet, but Doug and I were perfectly content to sit on the beach and relax. (And get sunburned.)

We came back from the beach to get ready to go to the luau last night and discovered that we were all very sunburned. Doug and Mom will be very tanned in a couple of days, but Dad and I are more likely to peel and go back to the stark-white color that we do so well.

We drove out to Paradise Cove for their luau last night and got to participate in some events like spear-throwing. We watched some volunteer “natives” pull in the fishing net and watched some people go for canoe rides. Dad didn’t like the idea of the canoe rides because they didn’t take you out on the open surf, which defeats the whole purpose in his mind.

We ate the underground-cooked pig and some friend chicken and mahi-mahi, and drank some Mai-Tais and pina coladas. After dinner Paradise Cove put on a show with hula dancing, music, and other Polynesian dancing. I declined the invitation to go up on stage and learn to hula dance in front of 600 people. Mom and Dad also declined a later invitation to dance, even though they could have done it with the lights down and no one looking.

The dancers did all different kinds of dances including lots of hula, naturally, so I can definitely say I’ve seen hula dancing in person. One Samoan guy played with fire for us too. That was great, especially when they turned the lights off and all you could see was a ring of fire spinning in mid-air.

The luau was very fun but I think we were all glad to get back to the house and go to bed. That may have been the latest we stayed up all week. I’m trying to not let my body fully adjust to the time change because I have to be back at work on Monday morning. However, after a red-eye flight to Phoenix tonight, my internal clock is going to be so messed up it won’t matter.

Today, Mom, Dad, and the Two Grannies are going to the Polynesian Cultural Center while Doug and I go to the beach. He’s going to do more surfing. I might just stick with boogie boards and sitting on the shore (in the shade because I’m sore enough as it is). Tonight we’re going to have a quick dinner then head out to the airport. Doug and I have flights leaving around 10 at night. I’ll be returning to Phoenix and he’s heading to Denver with a layover in Seattle.

I’ll get some pictures from Dad at some point and post them. I can also get the underwater camera developed (I used to do cameras like that all the time when I worked in the photo lab at Target) and I’ll post some of those too. The next time I write will be from my own computer back home.


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  1. “We’ll see when we get the film developed.”

    Crazy. Don’t see that much anymore.

    Comment by fitzage — March 29, 2010 @ 9:55 am

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