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March 27, 2010

Hawaii, Day 4

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I know, I know, I’ve been slacking.

Day 4 was Thursday. We had been planning to go snorkeling that day but quickly discovered the weather was against us. This rain shower followed us as we drove around the southern end of the island. We saw some sights, like the lighthouse at Makapuu Point, but were quickly driven back into the car by sudden rain showers.

We stopped at Makapuu Point, overlooking a beach on one side and looking up to a hill on the other side. Over the hill is the lighthouse, but due to a combination of it-started-pouring-rain and we-were-only-wearing-flip-flops, we didn’t bother to climb up and get a better look. Doug stopped to check out the military bunkers, then wandered around looking for the entrances to them but didn’t seem to find any.

Next stop was a blowhole. We stood for a while and watched the waves come in, trying to judge when a wave would force the water into the blowhole. Naturally, once you get the camera out and ready to go, the blowhole doesn’t really do much for about 5 minutes. Eventually another set of waves starts to roll in and this happens: “Oh, look, there’s a big one! That’ll definitely do it! Get the camera ready! Here it comes! … Oh wait, that one didn’t do it. Never mind.” Then, after you’ve lowered the camera and started scanning the ocean for a good-size wave, a couple of little waves come in, joining together at just the right point, and the blowhole starts spurting out water. “There it goes, take a picture! Nope, too late now.” Then it started raining so we all ran for the car, hunched over our cameras to keep them dry.

Go figure.

We drove around the southern end of the island and looked for a place to stop and eat our picnic. As I mentioned, we had this set of rain-containing clouds following us around the island, so we finally stopped at a not-safe-for-swimming beach (strong currents) where we ate our sandwiches and watched people load their outrigger canoes into the water. Every time Dad sees this, he wants to do it even more. We finished our sandwiches and made a break for the car because (guess what!) it started to rain again.

After lunch we made our way into Honolulu to see the Aloha Tower. We rode up to the top of the tower and looked out at the views. We saw some ships in the harbor and lots of condos. Helpful signs pointed out locations of specific things, like the pedestrian mall and the deep part of the bay where they turn the ships. Before we came down we located a ship way out on the horizon making its way in to port.

The two grandmas, Mom, and I went shopping in the tower’s shopping center while Dad and Doug went to go check out the maritime museum. Turns out the museum has been closed for a while now, so their excursion didn’t last long. They came back and joined us for some ice cream.

We got back in the car and drove around Honolulu looking for the statue of King Kamehameha. Honolulu is one of those cities that has one-way streets in their downtown, so we drove around where the statue was supposed to be, and drove too far one direction. Of course, you can’t turn the way we wanted to on that particular street, so we missed seeing the statue entirely. We promptly gave up and headed for the house with plans to pick up Thai food for dinner. We had a nice, quiet evening at the house eating Thai food and beating each other at Euchre before heading to bed.


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  1. Maybe if y’all hadn’t been guzzling 7-UP…

    And yes, it did take me a whole week to come up with that comment. Sad, isn’t it?

    Comment by easykeys88 — April 2, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

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