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March 23, 2010

Hawaii, Day 1

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Sunday afternoon we arrived in Honolulu, where we got leis at the airport and then went to get our rental car. We were able to put me on as a driver (for a fee, because I’m under 25) which means if my brother and I want to take off and do some surfing (after we learn how) we don’t need the parents to drive us. We eventually made it to our house and had a rather uneventful night, tired after our day of traveling.

Yesterday, our first full day in Hawaii was…well…exhausting. We’re still adjusting to the 3-hour time difference and we spent lots of time wearing ourselves out in the water.

We took a cruise up the west side of Oahu on a catamaran that included some good snorkeling. Note to self: next time we go snorkeling, don’t forget to buy an underwater camera. We saw lots of cool tropical fish, including some black-and-white stripey fish, some gray fish, some angelfish (like the scar-fish in Finding Nemo!) and we even saw a sea turtle! It was hiding under a rock for a while, but a while later it came out. It was hanging out letting the little fish clean the algae off it’s shell.

There was a pod of dolphins hanging around us too, although they never got close enough to see them underwater. They weren’t interested in showing off and jumping for us either, but it was still cool to see them surfacing for breath. After we got back on the boat and picked up speed, they rode the bow for a few minutes, and then we got to see them having a bit more fun.

On the boat, we got some lunch and Mai Tais (which, by the way, I quite like) and hung out, watching for whales. We got a nice view of some whale tails as they dove.

After the boat trip, we went to the beach near our house and did some boogie-boarding. After catching my first wave, I couldn’t do it again. We played around in the ocean, then picked up some pizza and went back to the house to have dinner and play some cards. I got royally creamed (and our game of Up to the King isn’t even over yet; we’ll finish it tonight) but I wasn’t as tired as I should have been, so I kept playing.

Sometime in the middle of the night, my dad came in to my room to ask for painkillers. Apparently my mom has sprained her ankle, but doesn’t remember doing it. That’s not stopping her from blaming him for it, of course. See, at the beach yesterday, he ran down and tackled her in the water before she had the chance to take off the clothes over her bathing suit, so she figures that’s when it must have happened. She’s feeling better this morning.

Mom’s sore ankle changed our plans for today, though. We were going to do Pearl Harbor, but since she can’t walk, Doug and I are going up to the North Shore to take surfing lessons. The adults are going to take a scenic drive. Or maybe stay and watch us fall on our faces. Not too sure. It probably depends on how much falling we wind up doing. I’ll let you know.


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