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September 10, 2009

Identity Crisis

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I am a teacher, sort of, and a musician, sort of. I’m no longer a student but I also haven’t adjusted to being a responsible adult. It’s an awkward time.

Sometimes it feels like a game. Have they figured out that I don’t belong in the “real world” yet? I have to keep everyone from realizing that or they’ll send me back. Not that I even know where “back” is. College, I guess.

Actually, call me crazy, but I liked college. I had friends in my classes and I knew what was expected. No one cared if you said stupid things or made mistakes. Generally, your mistake only affected you anyway.

Now, fast forward a summer, and here I am, going to bed just after 10pm. Who DOES that? Oh, right, adults. Again, where do I fit here?

I can’t even find the coffee in my own house, after all.


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